Learning Programs

School-based Phonics Program (P.1 – P.3)

Learning to read is one of the most important things for students’ learning and phonics is the leading and most effective method to teach reading and spelling. With the school-based phonics program, Dr. Tang’s Phonics, students are learning phonics through participating in different class activities.

School-based Reading Program (P.1 – P.3)

We develop critical reading skills that help students develop a lifelong love for reading.

Reading strategies are taught through shared reading and guided reading. The levelled storybooks allow students to progress and gain confidence level by level.

P.1 Cross-curriculum Reading Program

To enhance smooth transition to help P.1 students adapt to the new primary school life through the cross-curriculum reading program (with Chinese, General Studies, Library Studies as well as Civic and Moral Education) using textbook and exteded reading stories to cultivate a loving and caring school culture.